Zach Hannes

I'm a web developer building high-performance user interfaces and engaging user experiences.

I like working in an agile environment, using continuous deployment, creating new applications for startups. I strongly value the use of data and metrics when making product decisions. I like to iterate on products and deliver value to the user as quickly as possible, while collecting user-feedback on the product.


To come ...

Sutika Sipus

2013-05 |

Responsive, single-page landing site for Sutika Sipus LLC.


  • Backbone.js
  • MapBox.js and API
  • Foundation
  • Middleman

Design by Jon Li


2013-07 |

Single-page parallax site for the band, HUFF THIS!


  • Stellar.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Soundcloud API
  • Vimeo API
  • Tumblr
  • Google Forms

Design by Jon Li

2013-03 |

WIP prototype app for keeping a beer wishlist. Uses Backbone.js to connect with the UnTappd API. Persistence to come.


  • UnTappd API
  • backbone.js


2013-10 |

Part of an agile team to launch redesigned version of Charitybuzz, an auction website providing consumers with unique experiences and goods. Proceeds benefit charities.


  • real-time bidding using WebSockets, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails
  • client-side rendering using Backbone.js and pushState
  • caching architecture for API responses, database queries, and fragments/partials
  • responsive design
  • browser compatibility back to IE8

Design by Rich O'Reilly

vente-privee US

2012-09 |

Part of an agile team converting legacy .NET website into single-page app.


  • Single-page web app communicating with web API.
  • Use media queries and CSS3 transitions to adapt UI for screen sizes.
  • Maintain legacy single-page mobile web app.
  • Train backend developers and 3rd party contractors on require.js, Backbone.js.
  • Prototype mobile first, responsive web app.
  • Worked with require.js, backbone.js, jQuery mobile, amplify.js.



Developed map interface to allow users to filter and browse inventory by location. Developed custom landing pages to support business development initiatives, campaigns.

Part of a great product team practing agile, and a four-person team of UI engineers.

Acquired by Gilt City in Fall 2011.

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